Day 2 Medical

Today was another incredible day.  The team worked tirelessly to see 255 babies/ ninos and ninas along with 163 adults. The ages ran from 13 days to 104 years old. What a range!

Stuart was able to treat multiple types of wounds and provide excellent patient education.

We did a home visit to an 18 year old with Kernicterus (Biliary rubin brain dysfunction). The family was eager to educate us on their child and the importance of good prenatal care. They wanted us to see him and take a picture with him as a memory. We were honored to be welcomed into their home.



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Day 2: Construction

Our construction team had a bit of a rainy weather today as well as more  humidity than yesterday. We finished the interior painting in the new addition and worked on painting the exterior of both the new and old buildings. The “posts” for the front wall were also poured today with a few minor setbacks. Overall we are at a good pace and will continue with painting the inside of the old building tomorrow. 20170228_09020320170228_09021620170228_090315


Local artist/architect Alvaro getting ready to paint a mural in the baptismal.



Someone came along and scraped off our newly painted wall!

Day 1: Construction

Our construction crew of 7 team members along with some local helpers had a long day of laying concrete block, spackling, and painting. We were excited to see how far along the church had come by the local workers in anticipation of our arrival. See below what the site looked like when we arrived this morning and how much we accomplished before we left. Looking forward to continuing our work tomorrow.


Day 1 Medical

We started off as an entire team talking about the earthquake tremors we felt last night.4.8 All is good! We are blue dot and the earthquake is yellow.






As a medical team, we are exhausted after seeing 165 kids/babies and 269 adults. We saw everything from scabies, lice, high bloodpressure, breathing problems to infections.

The local dentist team worked beside us taking care of 85 children and adults. Our team provided medical support while they did tooth abstractions, abcess draining and basic care. Thanks to everyone for donating over 500 toothbrushes and 200 toothpastes.

Destination Dominican Republic 2017


Preparing the 20 extra suitcases of supplies to bring with us.

It has been 2 years since we last traveled to the Dominican Republic and we are excited to be able to return to once again to extend the mission of our hospital.   This year we are excited to partner across the East Florida Region with team members from FH Flagler,     FH DeLand and FH Memorial.

Thank you to community members and partners along with the many people and departments across the region for the many donations of clothes, money, personal products and various other items.  We could not have done it without you!

Team Members:Linda Misko, Wendy Misita,  Todd Owens, Charlie Peters, Cynthia Hickox, Eddie Goncalves, Denise Duty, Mary Hypes (Radcliff), Patricia Mathis, Carmen Bourdeau, Kathy Buckner, Michelle Barnard, Chelsea Mathieu, Shelley Marie Van Eck, Jodi Russo, Stuart Reynolds, Rene Santin, Enrique Calandra, Helen Thuerwachter.

Please follow us as we embark on our mission trip February 26th-March 5th.

Thank you and God Bless.

Traveling Home








Heading out to the airport.

Heading out to the airport.

Checking in.

Checking in.


Home at last!

Home at last!

Your bloggers- Linda and Wendy

Your bloggers- Linda and Wendy

As we embark back to the US, the unforgettable memories we have created together will forever be with us. As team member Todd said in church, “We are getting more out of trip than we put in”.  We started this trip as individual people from DeLand, Flagler and Memorial, but ended as one family.

Thank you for all the support, donations and prayers so that we could live our mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ to the people of the Dominican Republic.

God Bless. Your faithful, very tired, nightly bloggers.

Linda Misko and Wendy Misita