Returning Home

Thank you to all the support and well-wishes throughout the week. We have been able to live the mission of Florida Hospital by Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ to the people of the Dominican Republic.

This week have been one of miracles and memories leaving a lasting impression of a life time.  It has been very humbling and we have all felt the extreme gratitude from the people.

As a team, we have been proud to work together all week and come back today not just as colleagues but as one family.

Your faithful late night bloggers:  Linda Misko and Wendy Misita

God Bless!



Sabbath Service at the New Church

What a glorious day! Together as a team we  attended service at the church where our team worked tirelessly to complete the construction.

The President of the Conference came to do a portion of the service and to give thanks to the entire group.

We witnessed Chaplains Eddie and Enrique       perform 12 baptisms before the congregation.

Praise God for all his blessings this week.





Day Five: Touring Historical Santo Domingo

As a team we explored the historic areas of  Santo Domingo to really see all the history and culture of the past.

We visited a church built in the 1500’s. It was incredible to see the architecture from that time period including several graves located throughout the church.

Aftwr enjoying some local cousine, we toured the wonderfully delicious Chocolate Museum and visited Christopher Columbus’s house.






Day 4: Construction

It was an exciting day as the medical team joined us by having their clinic at our church construction site. We arrived to find many DR people waiting to be seen at the clinic. The day was very warm and not a cloud in the sky. Inside the church, the painting was complete, so we continued to finish up the painting  and trimming outside as well as painting the wrought iron windows and door frames. The front concrete wall is almost complete and we worked on smoothing off the top with more “megla”. It will be exciting to see the finished church on Saturday.20170302_150659







Day 4 Medical

Today the medical team  joined the construction team at their site to do our clinic.

We saw 194 adults along with 180 children and babies. The dental team of 5 set a record of 105 patients. Wow! We had to treat one woman who passed out from the cleaning which apparently was a norm for her. Still scary to see.

One mom brought her child in because he was not breathing good. When she lifted his shirt she could see his breathing was really bad. They immediately got the  ambulance to bring the child to the ER. Had she not taken the time to thoroughly examine him things could have gone bad quickly. Way to go Chelsea!!! You saved a life today.

At lunch, the local woman that had brought  our team’s food each day, surprised us with a cake of appreciation for all we were doing for the medical and construction.





















Day 3: Medical

What a day! We started off with a very interesting transportation that was needed to get us out to the very rural area.   It is amazing when you can fit 12 people, 10 boxes and 10 suitcases in one open air truck.

We saw so many different varities of patients today including 8 different types of burns. We treated 165 kids along with 164 children and babies. Alongside the team, the dentists saw 50 patients.

There was a child that came in with severe breathing problems and needed a nebulizer treatment. Since we did not have power at the site, Jodi followed the parents to their home with the child to use the machine and meds. (machine donated by our local Walgreens) Upon arrival she discovered they did not have electricity so she walked with them to a local corner shop and worked with the owner to use their power.

Thank you to all that donated eyeglasses.  Today is the second day we fitted over 80+ people for reading glasses.

In the afternoon we had a visit from the President of the Seventh Day Adventist Conference and the Executive Secretary.  We were honored to have then come see us at the site and do a blessing with us.  They were very appreciative of all that both medical and construction were doing for the people of DR.

On our way home, we stopped at a local baseball club that focuses on getting kids off the streets by having them involved in playing ball. Six of the kids that have gone through that club now play in the major leagues on teams including Mets, Braves, Yankees and Marlins. We donated balls, gloves and bats to them so they would have newer equipment to play.  As a treat, they had some of the kids play with us.  To say we needed practice was an understatement.

As we said, what a day!














Day 3: Construction

We had another productive day at the church construction site. The weather was a bit warmer, but no major rain, just a few sprinkles. We painted the inside of the very dirty old church building and found a tarantula living there! What a big difference a fresh coat of paint makes. We painted outside the back of the church also. Some of the posts in the front fence were set, so the forms were reused to pour the other posts. We also worked on adding “megla” to the outside of the concrete wall and smoothed it out for a fresh surface that can be painted later on. Alvaro’s mural is coming along beautifully and should be completed soon. Tomorrow we expect to finish up the painting and work  also on the front concrete wall again.


Our construction team: Todd, Enrique, Wendy, Charlie, Cindy, Helen and Eddie



inside the old church building before painting


Tarantula. EEK!!! And they told us this was “un pequeno” (a small one)!


after painting



sifting sand out from the rocks to make more “megla” (concrete)