Day 4 Medical

Today the medical team  joined the construction team at their site to do our clinic.

We saw 194 adults along with 180 children and babies. The dental team of 5 set a record of 105 patients. Wow! We had to treat one woman who passed out from the cleaning which apparently was a norm for her. Still scary to see.

One mom brought her child in because he was not breathing good. When she lifted his shirt she could see his breathing was really bad. They immediately got the  ambulance to bring the child to the ER. Had she not taken the time to thoroughly examine him things could have gone bad quickly. Way to go Chelsea!!! You saved a life today.

At lunch, the local woman that had brought  our team’s food each day, surprised us with a cake of appreciation for all we were doing for the medical and construction.





















6 thoughts on “Day 4 Medical

  1. What a perfect ending to a wonderful week! We as parents are so proud of our daughter Chelsea. But you all should be proud of the great job you have done! safe journey home to all! Love the Mathieu’s


  2. I just started working at FHMMC on February 20th. It warms my heart to know the mission of the hospital does not stop as you walk out the door. Keep up the great work being the hands and feet of Christ.


  3. What a blessing you all have been. God is using each of you in a very real way. You are bringing the Bible to life for those in the DR. God bless each of you!


  4. It takes speacial people to do the job you all are doing , you all give the world hope Thank you …..what an inspiration may god bless you all for making this world a better place, and for your families who brought you into this world .


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