Day 3: Medical

What a day! We started off with a very interesting transportation that was needed to get us out to the very rural area.   It is amazing when you can fit 12 people, 10 boxes and 10 suitcases in one open air truck.

We saw so many different varities of patients today including 8 different types of burns. We treated 165 kids along with 164 children and babies. Alongside the team, the dentists saw 50 patients.

There was a child that came in with severe breathing problems and needed a nebulizer treatment. Since we did not have power at the site, Jodi followed the parents to their home with the child to use the machine and meds. (machine donated by our local Walgreens) Upon arrival she discovered they did not have electricity so she walked with them to a local corner shop and worked with the owner to use their power.

Thank you to all that donated eyeglasses.  Today is the second day we fitted over 80+ people for reading glasses.

In the afternoon we had a visit from the President of the Seventh Day Adventist Conference and the Executive Secretary.  We were honored to have then come see us at the site and do a blessing with us.  They were very appreciative of all that both medical and construction were doing for the people of DR.

On our way home, we stopped at a local baseball club that focuses on getting kids off the streets by having them involved in playing ball. Six of the kids that have gone through that club now play in the major leagues on teams including Mets, Braves, Yankees and Marlins. We donated balls, gloves and bats to them so they would have newer equipment to play.  As a treat, they had some of the kids play with us.  To say we needed practice was an understatement.

As we said, what a day!














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