Day 3: Construction

We had another productive day at the church construction site. The weather was a bit warmer, but no major rain, just a few sprinkles. We painted the inside of the very dirty old church building and found a tarantula living there! What a big difference a fresh coat of paint makes. We painted outside the back of the church also. Some of the posts in the front fence were set, so the forms were reused to pour the other posts. We also worked on adding “megla” to the outside of the concrete wall and smoothed it out for a fresh surface that can be painted later on. Alvaro’s mural is coming along beautifully and should be completed soon. Tomorrow we expect to finish up the painting and work  also on the front concrete wall again.


Our construction team: Todd, Enrique, Wendy, Charlie, Cindy, Helen and Eddie



inside the old church building before painting


Tarantula. EEK!!! And they told us this was “un pequeno” (a small one)!


after painting



sifting sand out from the rocks to make more “megla” (concrete)


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