Day 1 Medical

We started off as an entire team talking about the earthquake tremors we felt last night.4.8 All is good! We are blue dot and the earthquake is yellow.






As a medical team, we are exhausted after seeing 165 kids/babies and 269 adults. We saw everything from scabies, lice, high bloodpressure, breathing problems to infections.

The local dentist team worked beside us taking care of 85 children and adults. Our team provided medical support while they did tooth abstractions, abcess draining and basic care. Thanks to everyone for donating over 500 toothbrushes and 200 toothpastes.


2 thoughts on “Day 1 Medical

  1. Wow!! How scary to feel the earth tremble…. Thank God everyone is safe. I’m glad to hear it! And what a great start for clinic day 1. Keep up the good work gang!


  2. Mechanical trouble on the plane, earthquake tremors and still you all did an awesome job giving medical and dental help to many! So very proud of everyone! Miss you.
    Pat Jones


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