Church Service and Final Dinner

We began our last day in a special way. We attended worship service at the church we have helped financially support as well as build this week.
Several team members participated in the service: Enrique preached the sermon , Linda, Todd and Charlie spoke and thanked the congregation, and Priscilla sang.
Our construction crew has spent many back breaking hours this week and were able to see the results of all that labor of love. Several community members were in attendance and overwhelmed with appreciation to be able to attend service in their own neighborhood.
Our construction crew wanted to give back to the local laborers who they worked so hard along side each day. They presented the men with tools and supplies they had purchased.
In the evening, the team was able to briefly see the historic parts of the city and all the ties to Christopher Columbus. We gathered together for our final team dinner with Pastor Gabriel at a very unique location. The restaurant was built in a beautiful cave with access down to the eating area by spiral staircase.
This day, just like the others this week was so very special. From worship service in our church to bonding together over dinner as a team.

Saturday am, front of church


Saturday am, back of church


Finished mural in the baptismal with local artist, architect.


Preparing for church service. Notice finished interior including lights and fans.


Enrique preaching the sermon with Dr. Santin translating for our team.

Priscilla singing at church

Priscilla singing at church


Our mission team in the church


Our mission team with all of the community volunteers


Todd and Charlie presenting their adopted father with brand new tools of the trade.


Final team dinner with the pastor and his family at “The Cave” restaurant




One thought on “Church Service and Final Dinner

  1. I am just so proud of you all… our East Florida Region team… those of us here have watched this week and seen the amazing way God has worked through you!! Thank you all for taking us with you via technology… You have honored the God of our Mission and you have truly extended Healing Ministry…. and all the people said… AMEN!!!
    Ever Upward…..


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