Presentation of Baseball Equipment and Team Celebration


Presentation of the bat to youth team manager donated by Volunteer Deborah-Konkos-Aplin.

Our group visited a local baseball team’s practice field to present the donations of balls, bats, hats, gloves and multiple other equipment donated by community, hospital staff and the Daytona Beach Tortugas.  The children were still in school while we were there, so the Manager of the team that oversees the children as well as young adults accepted our donation.  We were also able to play on the field for a few minutes before they had to begin their practice. Prior to leaving, one of our volunteers presented our team members Linda with a bat her deceased husband had received for an award at work.  What was so special about the award was that it was an engraved baseball bat. Baseball was a love of his and had played all his life.  There were a set of circumstances that led her to deliver the bat to us. She felt it was the place that this bat needed to be for its next place in life. We were honored to present it to the youth team manager for him to use with his team.

Deborah presenting Linda her husband Michael's award bat to donate to Dominican Republic.

Deborah presenting Linda her husband Michael’s award bat to donate to Dominican Republic.


imageimageimageimageimage image

After day 4 of medical and construction, the pastor of the church invited us to walk to his house to show us his appreciation for all that we had done.  They also had cut down multiple coconuts from their own trees for us to drink and eat. The pastor’s wife is a physician that we had joined us each morning for a few hours to run a clinic station.  She was also responsible for ordering and preparing all the medicines that we had purchased for the week.  Without her, we would not have been able to provide the meds that so many of these people needed..


Our team picture with extra local medical staff, translators and dentists.

Enrique and pastor of the church. We were blessed to be invited to his house.

image image image


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