Day 2 (Tuesday) at the Construction Site

On Tuesday we had another productive day at the church construction site. Our crew did have electricity today (tapped into someone home down the street with wires run through the field). This made it possible to use a few power tools that the workers had. We finished the 2 final coats of paint on the interior of the church. Two coats of primer and two top coats were completed on the exterior today and tomorrow we will paint a second color on the lower half. The concrete walls are almost all done on the back room of the church as well.  We had visits from some friendly local critters as well (spiders, geckos, several dogs, and wild chickens). Our team worked tirelessly alongside a few local workers. Their knowledge of the materials and tools needed to complete this project is invaluable. We are truly blessed to work with these wonderful people of the Dominican Republic.

Tuesday am, front  of church

Tuesday am, front of the church

Wendy and Judy painting the peak. (No safety codes in the DR!)

Wendy and Judy painting the peak. (No safety codes in the DR!)


Bob working on the exterior paint.


Todd and Judy painting the very top. Note their very different methods of achieving that.


Helen, Pat and Wendy starting the top coat.


Helen and Todd


Pat, Wendy, Helen and Marino (local)


Helen and Pat painting the “windows”






Charlie finally getting to use powertools.


Charlie and Todd sifting dirt to make more mortar.


Bob, Todd and Charlie working on the back wall.


Front of the church, Tuesday pm


Back of the church, Tuesday pm


Our awesome team!


4 thoughts on “Day 2 (Tuesday) at the Construction Site

  1. Good Morning Mission Crew!

    Wow, you are getting so much accomplished in such a short time. The Church looks beautiful inside and out. Pat, you always could paint with ease. You seem so happy and relaxed. Everyone seems to be working so well together and enjoying life.

    Have another blessed day Mission Crew. Looking forward to hearing about today’s adventures.

    Blessings on Everyone!

    Maureen and Al Breheny


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