Traveling Home








Heading out to the airport.

Heading out to the airport.

Checking in.

Checking in.


Home at last!

Home at last!

Your bloggers- Linda and Wendy

Your bloggers- Linda and Wendy

As we embark back to the US, the unforgettable memories we have created together will forever be with us. As team member Todd said in church, “We are getting more out of trip than we put in”.  We started this trip as individual people from DeLand, Flagler and Memorial, but ended as one family.

Thank you for all the support, donations and prayers so that we could live our mission of Extending the Healing Ministry of Christ to the people of the Dominican Republic.

God Bless. Your faithful, very tired, nightly bloggers.

Linda Misko and Wendy Misita


Church Service and Final Dinner

We began our last day in a special way. We attended worship service at the church we have helped financially support as well as build this week.
Several team members participated in the service: Enrique preached the sermon , Linda, Todd and Charlie spoke and thanked the congregation, and Priscilla sang.
Our construction crew has spent many back breaking hours this week and were able to see the results of all that labor of love. Several community members were in attendance and overwhelmed with appreciation to be able to attend service in their own neighborhood.
Our construction crew wanted to give back to the local laborers who they worked so hard along side each day. They presented the men with tools and supplies they had purchased.
In the evening, the team was able to briefly see the historic parts of the city and all the ties to Christopher Columbus. We gathered together for our final team dinner with Pastor Gabriel at a very unique location. The restaurant was built in a beautiful cave with access down to the eating area by spiral staircase.
This day, just like the others this week was so very special. From worship service in our church to bonding together over dinner as a team.

Saturday am, front of church


Saturday am, back of church


Finished mural in the baptismal with local artist, architect.


Preparing for church service. Notice finished interior including lights and fans.


Enrique preaching the sermon with Dr. Santin translating for our team.

Priscilla singing at church

Priscilla singing at church


Our mission team in the church


Our mission team with all of the community volunteers


Todd and Charlie presenting their adopted father with brand new tools of the trade.


Final team dinner with the pastor and his family at “The Cave” restaurant



Friday Fun Day and Celebration of Labor Day

After a tiring but rewarding past few days, team leaders Linda and Enrique worked with Pastor Gabriel to organize a surprise day for the team.  Over the week, we had talked about many different parts of the Dominican Culture.  As part of today, the team got to experience some of them together.

The group embraced early in the day aboard an open air truck that allowed for optimal viewing of the landscape.    We traveled to a sugar cane plantation to witness how they harvest the cane and got to sample its’ sweet taste.  Next we traveled along several back roads past various MLB training sites (Mets, Marlins, Cubs, Pirates and more).  From there we made a stop at a local market stand to buy candy.  As we then traveled along several very bumpy and dusty dirt roads, the children would run out into the road to gather up the candy that we tossed to them as we slowly road by.  This was one of the poorest areas we have traveled through so far.  The children would hear the truck coming and know each day that people would be tossing them candy to collect.

Our next stop along the way was at a coffee and cocoa plantation.  They showed us how they grew, harvested and ground up the coffee beans.  They then brewed the coffee over an open fire and le the team sample their final product.  We were able to purchase some of the local coffee grounds, chocolate, and honey

Our final destination was a beautiful waterfall located on a ranch.  Some of the team members rode horseback the mile trip down to the falls.  After a very steep decent down into a rock canyon, the group was rewarded with a spectacular view. We were able to swim and enjoy a relaxing time together followed by a delicious lunch with local cuisine.


Loading up to head out for the day.

Loading up to head out for the day.


Loading up the sugar cane after it has been cut.


Grinding the coffee for us to try.


Every once in awhile the truck needed a push start. Thanks Todd!

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Presentation of Baseball Equipment and Team Celebration


Presentation of the bat to youth team manager donated by Volunteer Deborah-Konkos-Aplin.

Our group visited a local baseball team’s practice field to present the donations of balls, bats, hats, gloves and multiple other equipment donated by community, hospital staff and the Daytona Beach Tortugas.  The children were still in school while we were there, so the Manager of the team that oversees the children as well as young adults accepted our donation.  We were also able to play on the field for a few minutes before they had to begin their practice. Prior to leaving, one of our volunteers presented our team members Linda with a bat her deceased husband had received for an award at work.  What was so special about the award was that it was an engraved baseball bat. Baseball was a love of his and had played all his life.  There were a set of circumstances that led her to deliver the bat to us. She felt it was the place that this bat needed to be for its next place in life. We were honored to present it to the youth team manager for him to use with his team.

Deborah presenting Linda her husband Michael's award bat to donate to Dominican Republic.

Deborah presenting Linda her husband Michael’s award bat to donate to Dominican Republic.


imageimageimageimageimage image

After day 4 of medical and construction, the pastor of the church invited us to walk to his house to show us his appreciation for all that we had done.  They also had cut down multiple coconuts from their own trees for us to drink and eat. The pastor’s wife is a physician that we had joined us each morning for a few hours to run a clinic station.  She was also responsible for ordering and preparing all the medicines that we had purchased for the week.  Without her, we would not have been able to provide the meds that so many of these people needed..


Our team picture with extra local medical staff, translators and dentists.

Enrique and pastor of the church. We were blessed to be invited to his house.

image image image

Medical Mission Day 4

Today we had the pleasure of joining the construction team on site at the church. It was awesome to see all the hard work they have been doing over this last week.  We were proud to see the efforts to transform the cement building into a beautiful church. The medical team held their clinic inside of the church alongside the construction crew and local dentists. The medical team saw 111 children/babies and 125 adults while the dentists saw 95.

The area we were at for the clinic/church is the poorest of all the areas we have been to with very little access to many needed supplies and assistance.  The people who came to see us walked for along time over roads that were impassable at times.

One 80 year old gentleman walked 30 minutes with a cane to get treatment.  When he arrived, we could smell his foot before he even took a seat in the chair.  We all looked at each other and said…gangrene.  Upon removal of the sock, we could not believe that he was able to walk.  He said that he has had this problem on his foot for 15 years because he walked somewhere he was not supposed to and therefore was now cursed.  It was impressive that he still had a foot and was not septic.  Stuart was our wound nurse this week and proceeded to treat the area.  The gentleman has been using this material from a local tree to cover the infection. (see picture below)

It has been a terrific week doing clinics with so many different but wonderful experiences each day.

The medical and construction team.

The medical and construction team.

Patients waiting for us to arrive,

Patients waiting for us to arrive.

Stuart working on gangrene foot of the 80yo.

Stuart working on gangrene foot of the 80 yo.

Young girl with electrical burn from her refrigerator. Oww!

Young girl with electrical burn from her refrigerator. Oww!

Pat and Wendy taking time to assist the medical crew with the pharmacy and preparing meds.

Pat and Wendy taking time to assist the medical crew with the pharmacy and preparing meds.


Barbara and Linda with our pharmacy.


Dr. Kurian and Priscilla teaming up to see patients again.


Danielle and Analicia


Matt running one of the stations. He then helped the construction team in the afternoon.

Our clinic with the dentists inside the church.

Our clinic with the dentists inside the church.

Dr. Santin overseeing the burned child.

Dr. Santin overseeing the burned child.

Local dentist picture of the day.

Local dentist picture of the day.

Danielle trying dentistry on Dr. Santin.  :)

Danielle trying dentistry on Dr. Santin. 🙂

Pastor of the church with Linda.   We had met when we did the scouting trip the month before.

Pastor of the church with Linda.
We had met when we did the scouting trip the month before.

Day 4 (Thursday) at the Construction Site

Today was an exciting day as our medical team held their clinic at the site where our church is just about complete. We had fun assisting them and some of their crew helped us out with construction as well.

The exterior painting was completed on all of the walls that were done and the 2nd coat of paint was put on the doors. The sidewalk was completed all the way around the church (which included lots of trips to the well with buckets and sifting out the dirt to make more concrete). The back room was completed with all of the mortar to smooth the surface of the concrete block walls. A beautiful mural was painted inside the baptismal by one of the locals.

It has been a great week so far and much was accomplished. We enjoyed working along with the medical team today as well as alongside the wonderful people of the Dominican Republic.


Front of church, Thursday am


The beautiful artwork in the baptismal by one of the locals.

Matt adding mortar to the concrete block.

Matt adding mortar to the concrete block.


Helen and Pat getting dirty.


Judy finishing th doors.


Analicia helping with the paint.



Bob carrying 100 lb bags of cement for the sidewalk.



Helen with her helper

Pat and Wendy sifting dirt for the cement sidewalk.

Pat and Wendy sifting dirt for the cement sidewalk.


Matt, Todd and Charlie pouring the sidewalk.


Todd carrying water from the well.


Charlie pouring the sidewalk


Wendy and Pat


Our animal photos of the day is of darling kittens at the pastor’s house.




Dr. Santin